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Pair 3

IncluCities aims at improving the integration of Third-country Nationals

Pair 3



Fuenlabrada (ES)
202.000 inhabitants
14% migrants foreign origin*

City of Fuenlabrada and Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP)

Mentor Mentor

mentee MENTEE

Livadia (GR)
31.000 inhabitants
*6 % migrants (2011), variable migrant population of foreign origin*

City of Livadia and Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE)

mentee mentee



  • Increasing population in the past years with the ESTIA Accommodation Programme for Refugees -  mostly relocated from Greek islands
  • Lack of decent employment opportunities for the newcomers
  • Need more support in the local environment, difficult communication with the host community.



  • Fuenlabrada is a city formed mainly through immigration, over the past four decades it has almost tripled its population as a result of intense immigration.
  • Their innovative integration policies (+500 active associations and local initiatives) boost migrant participation and increase social inclusion

Best practices: Urban Innovative action project MILMA - Migrant labour integration model, improving social inclusion and job opportunities, Anti Rumours network of active young population that disseminate anti rumours strategiesTable for Coexistence - 30 associations participate in development and evaluation of integration transversal policies.



Mobilising citizens to develop tools for decent employment and entrepreneurship challenges for migrants and refugees.


Benchmarks & Key factors

  • Developing participation tools for migrants and locals
  • Special programmes for refugees in co. with the National Labour Employment Agency
  • Vocational training for the development of professional and language skills
  • Organizing events to increase refugees’ participation & social inclusion

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