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IncluCities aims at improving the integration of Third-country Nationals

Pair 2



Mechelen (BE)
87.000 inhabitants
32% of the population has a migration background or foreign origin*

City of Mechelen and the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG)

Mentor Mentor

mentee MENTEE

Partinico district (IT)
74.000 inhabitants
Partinico is the head of a district covering several municipalities, receiving temporary migrant population foreign origin*

City of Partinico and the Italian Association of CEMR (AICCRE)

mentee mentee



  • Basic services - challenging management of health-related issues, from first emergency responses to enabling safe hygienic-sanitary conditions
  • Lack of education and training, active participation and social inclusion, how to build bridges with the local community?
  • They would like to become an attractive territory for migrants, a land in which migrants can grow and work.



  • A reference for an inclusive diverse city (136 nationalities speak 69 different languages)
  • Training programmes of social employment, support to migrant families with small children, equal opportunities for education
  • Active engagement of local community and social inclusion, PIM - positive identity and community building to prevent radicalisation
  • Best practices ‘The people make the city and project ‘Integrate together’


Developing and embedding a civic identity, culture and strategy that celebrates and harnesses diversity as a key strength.


Benchmarks & Key factors

By defining benchmarks (such as migrant children’s access to school) and identifying key factors necessary to achieve them (such as enough financial resources), IncluCities helps cities develop an action plan.


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