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IncluCities aims at improving the integration of Third-country Nationals

Pair 2



Mechelen (BE)
87.000 inhabitants
32% of the population has a migration background or foreign origin*

City of Mechelen and the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG)

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Capaci (IT)
11.500 inhabitants
The region has a changing population of migrants or people of foreign origin*

City of Capaci and the Italian Association of CEMR (AICCRE)

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  • Sicilian region is together with Lampedusa the entry point for many migrants coming to Italy. First emergency response in reception centres is often failing, local governments are overwhelmed. 
  • They want to improve integration of newcomers with permission to stay (about 190,000 migrants on the island). Challenges: lack of education, active participation, social inclusion and interaction with the local community. 
  • Capaci and the whole district would like to become an attractive territory for migrants, a land in which migrants can grow and work. They also want to become an example of good integration practices for other cities in the region and in the country.



  • A reference for an inclusive, diverse city (136 nationalities speak 69 different languages)
  • Training programmes of social employment, support to migrant families with small children, equal opportunities for education
  • Active engagement of local community and social inclusion, PIM - positive identity and community building to prevent radicalisation
  • Best practice 'Buddies with refugees


How to build a vision of a city for all?


Benchmarks & Key factors

Developing and embedding a civic identity, culture and strategy that celebrates and harnesses diversity as a key strength.


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