Mentoring pairs

Pair 1

IncluCities aims at improving the integration of Third-country Nationals

Pair 1



City of Brussels (BE)
175.000 inhabitants
36 % foreign origin*

City of Brussels and the Association of the City and the Municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region (BRULOCALIS)

Mentor Mentor

mentee MENTEE

Saint Jean de la Ruelle (FR)
17.000 inhabitants
19 % foreign origin*

Saint Jean de la Ruelle and the French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE)

mentee mentee


(Saint Jean de la Ruelle)

  • Lack of awareness in the local community
  • Establishing better access to basic services for migrants
  • Improving social inclusion and active participation of migrants


(City of Brussels)

  • Experience in migrants’ active participation and social inclusion,strong engagement of local communities
  • Reputation as a “commune hospitalière”, celebrating diversity
  • Best practice: access to basic services - BAPA BXL reception officesfor newcomers


Conducting a strategic needs assessment and establishing the conditions that will enable migrants to become active members of the community.


Benchmarks & Key factors

By defining benchmarks (such as migrant children’s access to school) and identifying key factors necessary to achieve them (such as enough financial resources), IncluCities helps cities develop an action plan.


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