25 February 2021

CEMR in conversation with the EU: Migration and Asylum

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CEMR’s Policy Committee met on Thursday (25 February) with the EU Commission vice-president responsible for migration, Margaritis Schinas, to discuss the local realities of immigration, how this phenomenon can best be managed and how EU policies can be most supportive. “Today Europe does not have a common position - we only have a patchwork of solutions,” said Schinas.

CEMR has been calling for a common and impactful European asylum policy at all levels of government since 2015. Five years after the peak of the migration crisis, the European Commission finally presented the long-expected Pact on migration and asylum in September 2020.

During the conversation, President of Karlsruhe County (Germany, RGRE), and  CEMR Co-President Christoph Schnaudigel welcomed the proposed measures for strong and efficient external border protection as well as the solidarity-based sharing of responsibility.

However, the so-called fresh start is also lacking in certain respects. Dr Schnaudigel called for a balanced sharing of the burden and for listening to local concerns in the amendment and adoption of the migration package “because it is local and regional authorities dealing with all the consequences and impacts of the European rules on the ground.” 

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IncluCities took part at the online exchange, with two mayors of our participating mentor cities taking the floor: Fuenlabrada and Schaerbeek

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