15 February 2022

IncluCities Transfer Workshop

 Capaci - Mechelen

"Building a vision of a city for all - Tutti Capaci!"

The transfer workshops are the project's internal sessions, where individual mentoring pairs share the state of play and their concrete action plans with other partners. It's a valuable opportunity to learn from each other and exchange knowledge and experience by taking stock of the work done so far. This cross-over exercise enables the IncluCities cohort to act as a team. In addition, participants get insights and inspiration from the associations and all eight cities in a supportive and collaborative way.

4 riders of the storm Capaci 3

This time, Mechelen and the association VVSG together with the Sicilian city of Capaci and the Italian association of local and regional governments  AICCRE will present their state of play in the mentoring process.

Transfer workshop is IncluCities internal event.