IncluCities Study Visit #1

"Tutti Capaci!" - Mechelen goes to Sicily

The second round of IncluCities study visits started on 4 October in Capaci under the title “Tutti capaci” (We can do it!) 

The Belgian association VVSG, The City of Mechelen and the CEMR Project coordinator Maria Grazia Montella visited Sicily and the Municipality of Capaci. The meeting was organised by the municipality and AICCRE, the Italian section of the CEMR, with the support of the local network.

4 riders of the storm Capaci The core group of partners: Sabine Van Cauwenberge (vvsg), Corinne Huybers (vvsg/Mechelen), Pietro Puccio, Mayor of Capaci and Carla Rey, Secretary General AICCRE (with Maria Grazia Montella, CEMR taking the picture)

The first face-to-face meeting was a very welcome and fruitful exchange on strategies to build a vision of a city for all. Furthermore, Capaci wants to replicate one of the best practices in Mechelen to improve integration practices in their local context. 

Brainstorming on the action plan started with a Jamboard -  focused on very concrete steps in how to implement a project equivalent to the Buddies with Refugees. Capaci would have to build it from the scratch, identify target groups that could be involved, topics and monitoring methodology. With special attention to the younger generation, several associations present at the meeting showed a lot of interest to start there, to foster buddies among the local youth. In the full "Tutti capaci' mode, they also found the adequate word for buddies, 'compa' from the word compare, which means a fellow /a peer in the Sicilian dialect.

The interactive exercise on the day 2 resulted in a colourful board with excellent ideas that will certainly serve as a solid base for the action plan.

- Analysis of the local context and challenges we want to tackle

- define your target group - start with the easiest one 

- how to communicate, what to put in place

- invest in promotion, offline approach is the most effective - find ambassadors who will spread the news within their communities ...


 Agenda of the 2-Day Study visit in Capaci

Capaci Tide Station Location Guide

Meet the mentoring pair Mechelen - Capaci, learn who they are and what they set as the objective of their IncluCities mentoring collaboration. The story in 6 minutes about two cities who decided 'We can do it - Tutti Capaci'.