IncluCities Exhibition in Capaci

'Verso Casa'

On Sunday, 5 February, the IncluCities photographic exhibition 'Verso Casa' opened in Capaci, Italy. Created by Capaci photographer Ornella Mazzola and organised by the Municipal Administration and the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, this exhibition tells the story behind the IncluCities. It presents the city's buddies project, "Tutti Capaci", and showcases its main protagonists, volunteers from the local community and newcomers becoming buddies and friends. More

verso casa ornella mazzola2

Lucia e Adriana 1Stella e Ana 2Leonardo e Mike 2Caterina e Felicità 3

The exhibition is the final act of the three-year project IncluCities, where Capaci took part together with the Italian association AICCRE, partnering with the city of Mechelen and association VVSG. 

All IncluCities mentee cities: Capaci, Levadia, Jelgava, and Saint Jean de la Ruelle, are organising similar exhibitions in their local territories. A snapshot of local exhibitions will also be presented in Brussels in the context of IncluCities' final conference with a vernissage on 28 March 2023. 

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