IncluCities Study Visit #2

Jelgava visits Schaerbeek in Belgium

On 19 Oct, IncluCities partners from Jelgava and Latvian association of local and regional governments visited Belgium. Their hosts were the Schaerbeek municipality, VIA association and BRULOCALIS.

 family in VIA

On the first day they met with the Schaerbeek's local support network and visited programmes and projects dedicated to welcoming and integrating newcomers, also making sure the new arrivals of all ages get proper language and other support.

The study visit started at the Maison de Quartier d'Helmet, continued in Maison des femmes and in the Maison de harmonisation social in Schaerbeek. 

The afternoon was dedicated to extensive exchange at the VIA BAPA reception centre, where they heard more about the CAMIM project.

CAMIM is the best practice Jelgava would like to replicate in adjusted form for their local context in order to improve formal and informal opportunities for language learning for migrants and existing minorities. 

 study visits schaerbeek maison d quartierstudy visit 1study visit Schaerbeek VIA


Agenda of the study visit here.  

The virtual brainstorming session on Day-2 focused on the key elements they should build on towards their local action plan on how to improve practices around integration and inclusion. The aim was also to start thinking about their next steps in the mentoring scheme, about the transfer knowledge workshop where they could share their initial plan with other IncluCities peers and listen to their experience, solutions and recommendations.  

Meet the mentoring pair Schaerbeek & Jelgava and learn more about the topic they are working on.